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Parker Bill - Jan 2013

Parker Bill – Jan 2013

Bill Parker has been a technology nerd since the early 90s specializing in web technology and innovation. Originally a marketing major at the University of Michigan he changed majors and pursued an IT career but never lost the passion for sales.

Bill has served Quicken Loans for 10 years in several capacities leading teams in System Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Marketing Technology. As an Enterprise Innovation Architect in 2011 he created Bullet Time, an innovation program in technology that provides time every week for all Technology team members to dream and build future technology.

Today Bill is the Vice President of IT Marketing at Quicken Loans and Entrepreneur running over a dozen websites primarily focused on online retail.

Bill has been blessed with a permanent good attitude. He is a futurist and master of Woo. There is nothing he loves more than dreaming about the future and where we will take it.


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