Get Your Priorities Straight

Ladies and gentlemen, do you have your priorities straight? I’m going to take about 5 minutes to talk about the meaning of life. This is 5 minutes of your life that you will not get back but if you are willing to let down your guard, forget about the daily grind, and just take a moment to size up where you are in life I know you will find this 5 minutes a valuable investment.

We are each given about 6000 waking hours per year to do anything and everything in our lives. 16 hours will be spent today doing what? Working, driving, grocery shopping, watching Jay Leno? Gone are those hours! You won’t get them back, ever!

Each and every day we simply wake up and follow directions, we waste away our single most precious asset TIME, we work on things that are right in front of our faces because it’s easy. We pay very little attention to what really matters in life. We simply wake-up, shower, and off to work we go. Because it’s easy. We pay no attention to the big picture of what this life is all about.

It doesn’t have to be that way, we have a choice, we have the liberty to make changes at will in our lives. I challenge each and every one of you to jot down on a piece of paper what matters to you most in life. Sort those things out, prioritize, and get your priorities straight!  I think you will find the list is short and easy to create. Mine have not changed in 15 years, they are: Family, God, Friends, Work Ethic, and Education. Once you have your list committed to memory make a habit of saying them out loud every morning. If family is truly number 1, treat them like number 1.

Take 30 minutes today, 30 short disposable minutes, to sit down with a piece of paper and GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. Figure out what’s most important to you in life. Draw it up, memorize it, say it out loud everyday and spend YOUR TIME as you choose.

You can of course allow your mind to wander and ignore this message, you can do nothing and that’s your prerogative. You can lie there on your deathbed, alone, unknown, unhappy, you have that right. Not me, I can’t think of a more horrible way to die than in regret of the time I wasted. The Dance recitals I worked through, the Birthday Parties I was too busy to attend, a wife I never made happy.

Priorities Ladies and Gentlemen, Priorities are what it all boils down to, PRIORITIES are what LIFE is all about!

Decide today what matters most to your in life, write them down, memorize them, and say it out loud every day. Don’t throw another day in the trash, make every second count. If you miss a friend, call them! If you plan to go back to school, enroll right now! If you care about someone, tell them over and over again!

The choice is yours my friends. I present to you a fork in the road. One path is guided by what matters in life, the other is empty.  Get Your Priorities Straight!



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