Secret to Job Success – Practice Your Sales Pitch

Be a salesman at work and if you lead a team teach those that you serve how to sell their own services. It doesn’t matter if you stand over a mill in a machine shop or if you are a software developer it is important to sell your own services inside your organization. This will lead to new work which keeps you engaged and growing, it makes you more productive which is good for the company, and ultimately leads to higher wages and job security.

Take opportunities in the cafeteria, at the water cooler, or anywhere else you small talk with those around you to see what they are working on. Look for ways that you can help them. When the “what are you up to” small talk reciprocates teach others about what you do. Show them the value you can bring to the products, services, and processes within your company. It sure beats talking about the weather or silently staring the closed elevator doors.

Take responsibility for improving your own job, don’t wait on others. If you do this even once per month after just one year you’ll know a dozen new people and almost certainly have some fresh strong opinions on how you can better serve your company. Make that one of your goals with 12 small boxes for the year and if you lead a team assign this task as homework even if it just means doing it once. Follow through with your team members and ask about who they talked and what it was about.

It’s a win from every angle. You will have new experiences and new engagements to keep your mind exercised and happy. You will generate new ideas and new initiatives which have huge potential in terms of compensation and promotions. You will meet new people and strengthen some of those casual relationships around the work place. Your company will get more production out of you and those that you engage. Last but not least you will strengthen your importance and visibility which is a welcome dose of job security in this time of uncertainty.

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