Take Action Now

We make choices all the time. We make choices about what to wear, we make choices about what funds to put our 401k money in, but do you make the choice of action?

Do you think that someday you will retire with enough money to travel and visit some far off country? If so then I have bad news for you, the remote people who live in the far off country of someday will never meet you. You will never have the chance to learn the language of somedaytion because somedaysia does not exist.

The detailed smart plan you have does not mean squat without Action.

There’s an old riddle that goes like this. There are three frogs sitting on a lily pad and one decides to jump off, how many frogs are left? The answer is three because deciding to do something is different from actually doing it. Can you imagine the anxiety of jumping in an ice cold pool? Can you feel the instant nearly heart stopping shock? Can you recreate the immediate confidence you gain from knowing that you overcame it? You must overcome the paralyzing fear of upsetting the norm and take action right now. Begin doing what you know you must do.

Take Action Now

Last year the theme on my team was “working smart”. This year I want to flip that to “working hard”. I’m guessing very few of you who are reading this have physical jobs where lifting more weight at a faster rate is means you are working harder. We are transitioning into a knowledge workforce and the very definition of “working hard” is changing. Working hard now means taking constant action. Working hard now means mustering energy from deep in your gut to take that first step. Hard work is choosing action day after day.

Cut a check and buy the inventory you need to start that business.

Put pen to paper and write chapter one of that book you want to publish.

Call that old friend you have been intending to meet up with.

Yoda put it best: “Try not.  Do or do not!”

Master Yoda Do or Do Not There is No Try

Master Yoda Do or Do Not There is No Try

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