Adidas Speed Jump Rope – Review (not good)

I’m still pretty new to CrossFit and like many of you I’m not a double under rock-star. With the CrossFit games coming up I knew I had limited time to learn the dreaded double-under so I sought out the best speed jump rope I could find. I was presented with 4 options at my local Dunhams and choose the Adidas Speed Jump Rope (Weighted Professional I think they call it) because it felt good in my hands, looked like a quality piece, and was $10 more than any other speed jump rope so that means it must be good, right?

Wrong, immediately upon using this speed rope I realized the red clips that hold the extra cable (see image above) act like a nuns ruler on your index finger knuckles when the rope catches your feet. Did I mention I’m not great at double-unders? It’s bad, I mean real bad. I’ve been fighting with and using this rope for 6 weeks now and as I type this I have two purple sore knuckles.

Another mild annoyance is that it does not hold it’s length. I’m about 5’10”, average guy so I don’t need it all the way extended but when you get this rope spinning for some reps it will lengthen all the way out (about 6 more inches). I need to readjust it about every 50 jumps or so which thankfully gives me a reason to take a break.  Again you can see in the image above the red clip worked it’s way back to the handle.

Then last week I lost my mind when the end of the rope popped out of the red clip in the middle of a workout. Luckily I had an old leather strap speed rope that got me through the rest of that WoD but I was not happy to have to go buy Krazy Glue to fix a $40 ADIDAS speed rope. Emphasis on the name brand that I have come to expect quality from.

The cable and bearings are heavy and smooth so when it is on it’s game it is a good speed rope. I just have to wear gloves, keep the glue handy and keep adjusting it every couple of rounds that’s all.

Conclusion: Do not buy the Adidas Speed Jump Rope
Grade: Fran

Grades based on (A)ngie through (F)ran

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